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By far the most frequent question I’ve gotten [except from the Irish] is Why Ireland? My first response is almost always, “why not?”. 

And if you know me, then this answer actually makes perfect sense.  

I get an opportunity to explore a new part of the world while still expanding my professional skills. Why wouldn’t I take it? There are very few places in the world I wouldn’t pack up and move to really. 

But why not isn’t satisfactory, I know. And nomadic dreamer that I am, a pragmatic streak still runs in my blood. 

I had many reasons to stay and made a long stay-go list before deciding to go. 

It went something like this: Reasons to stay:

My family is here

I have an amazing group of friends

I enjoy my job and can see a good advancement path with it

My project is stretching me and has good visibility

I love the people I work with

I’m comfortable. I’m happy. 

I can still travel on my vacations.

Pretty idyllic right? So why did I choose to move to a country that I’ve never been to before, where I know exactly two people, neither of whom live in the city?

Because I’m comfortable

Because amazing people exist everywhere just waiting to be met

Because I’d like to see Rome, and Athens, and Istanbul, and Marrakech and Nairobi all in one year and not go into debt. 

Because pretty sweet job offer

Because the phrase “I’m going to Paris for the weekend” flatters my vanity

Because I’m 25 and have no dependents and the timing is kind of perfect

Because even if i hate it, I’ll still learn from it, and that’s the most important thing

Because sometimes life puts an opportunity in your face and you just have to jump

Because I’m disillusioned by the systemic racism endemic in the land of the free (more on this in another post hopefully)

Because. Ireland.

Because I think I was born a nomad

Because I want to see as much of the world as possible

Because I have no true concept of home, and perhaps I would like to find it, or not

Because life is short and always works itself out

Because if this is a mistake(its not), this is going to be a very fun and memorable one

But yeah, in the end? Because I can. Because I want to. So why not.

It’s only been a week and a half, but I am SO GLAD i made the jump. Sometimes, when you jump, you reach the ground to find that it’s neither hard to break your will nor soft to catch your fall. It’s a trampoline to launch you to the next level and one step closer to your dreams.

10 thoughts on “Why I moved to Ireland

  1. Awesome post! And you’re right- this is the perfect time in your life! Keep these blogs coming- I want to track you!

  2. Love this, especially where you answer, “Why not?” to the Why question. I get that same question too and I answer the same! Cheers to new adventures!

    1. Cheers Layo! We’ve gotta meet up somewhere in this continent before you’re done with school!

  3. Great post, It definitely makes me feel inspired! Hopefully I’ll be seeing the world too one day. Best wishes!!

    1. Thanks Brea! Start small and then the doors will keep opening! Maybe do a working holiday visa to Ireland? haha.

  4. Not sure where best to ask questions on blogs, but how did you move to Ireland? Was it a current job sending you or did you apply to somethig? Just up and leave? I’m trying to move to Denmark but I havent had any luck with my job hunt.

    1. Hi Abi, I feel your pain, it is tough to get a job that will sponsor non-EU residents for work, and I ran into this roadblock with other potential opportunities.
      The best chance is with multinational companies that have teams across locations – that’s how I got my current gig. I expressed interest in working abroad and the team had an opening in Dublin. If you’re an American citizen, there’s also the working holiday visa scheme. But honestly, getting up and going is not as crazy as it sounds. Feel free to shoot me an email and I’m happy to discuss more details.

  5. Amazing blog! I love what you said, a Nomad. Reach as high as you can! Someday I hope I’d make a jump too.

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