It’s only been two weekends in Ireland, but I can tell that Howth is going to become one of my favorite weekend destinations when I’m in Dublin. I biked halfway there along the sea two Sundays ago then went back again this past Sunday with friends.

When I went the first time, I wanted to experiment with my fixed lenses (a fisheye [wide angle] and 40mm) and found myself wishing I’d taken a telephoto lens for the landscapes. Then this past Sunday I went with friends and found myself wishing I had the fisheye. Both times, I got some pretty cool shots.The lenses influenced what kind of shots I could take, but they didn’t limit the awesomeness of said shots. Life lesson learned.

On to the pictures. These mostly focus on my first trip, an extremely windy afternoon that was balanced by the unusual blue sky and even some peeps of sunshine.

The wind almost blew me off my bike a couple of times but I wasn’t complaining. 

Howth market is a quaint open air market with booths ran by local artisans. I got some really yummy baklava and an Irish sausage hotdog thingy. The baklava is amazing. 

I really wanted to eat one. But I’d already eaten the baklava.

I’m a big fan of creative signs. 

Can you imagine what it’d be like to be the house on the hill? What a view to get up to. 

Unfortunately, the top of the lighthouse is not accessible to the public.  End of my captioning abilities. The following is a series of pretty photos from Howth.  


I can’t wait to go back and actually hike the hills and try the seafood. And eat more baklava. Most importantly.

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